We are Serious

The dreams of others, no matter how humorous, ephemeral or fleeting, should not be so easily dismissed out of hand.

Pirates’ Utopias, liberty societies and other constructs of social living have existed since the Golden Age of Sail. In so much that there are differences in the perceived notions of what it meant to be a pirate, the actual record varies.  If one were on the Coasts of Morocco or Madagascar, pirate societies had a definite element of socialism.  However, in American societies, the perception of Pirates drifted towards a more extreme version of individual liberty, negative governmental rights and the magnification of collective endeavors.

The Pirate Church embodies the primal notion of Natural Rights.  In this way, our definition of liberty is also different.

Liberty for the French means something totally different that liberty for Americas.  When we say ‘liberty’, we mean individual, negative rights.  So what is a negative right?

A negative right is one that is unalienable, inherent and natural – it tells others what they ought naught to do to an individual based on spiritual intuition, rational thought and reason.

In so much as the current US Bill of Rights is a document of ‘negative rights’, it doesn’t go far enough.  The issue of ‘privacy’, ‘free will’ and ‘individual determinism’ were not very well defined – in fact, they were horribly defined.

The Pirate Church exists to inspire others to do better for themselves.  We don’t ‘make someone better’, that’s for another groups or fraternities.  We simply encourage.

The anachronistic notion of the seafaring nomad that challenged the very concept of corporatism as embodied by the East India Company may seem cartoonish, but we are serious about it.  Still, The Pirate Church is not socialistic in it’s approach, we look to inspire the diversity (as it was meant to be defined) of individualistic spirituality.

Also, socialistic societies tend to be materialistic.  Our spiritual founder was not at all materialistic, in fact, esoteric soul searching was fostered in each person he interacted with when he was alive.  For this reason, any Church founded on the American idea of Piracy is one based on the free will of the individual to choose whatever path they wish in order to find God.

Still, spirit only goes as far as it can in the physical world.  You’ll need support on your journey …

… The Pirate Church is here to help