The Code

The Code was conceived in 2006 by Captain Edward Collins. The basis of the Code represented 40 years of solitary spiritual work. The Code is both a moral compass, a literal guide and an esoterically encoded tool when presented in key form.

The Appalachian mountain Piracy, 2006

The Spiritual Code of the Pirate Church


1. No popes, no priests; no kings, no masters; Only God & Liberty
2.. The quest for truth should always be one’s highest religion.
3. The right of travel should not be infringed.
4. We recognize that all beings are born first of water, by fire on land, then of air.
5. Helping others, helps one’s self ; Freeing the mind, frees the body.
6. The knots you make in others, will in turn, be bound in you.
7. Not by control, slavery or usury; but by skill, courage and honor.
8. Let the Ocean make you, or the waves will break you.
9. Be the captain of your own mind, body and soul.
10. Astronomy, math and music can free the mind, heart and ship.
11. Work with the wind, not against it. The same applies to people.
12. By knowing thyself, then one knows the seas and the cosmos.