The Pirate Church

State Sponsored Drugs

Based on our strong and deeply held convictions about the Code, the Pirate Church offers help with religious exemptions for our members.  Any human being is in control of their own body, we like to say they are the Captain of it.  Human beings are not slaves and such not be subject to illegal mandates, it’s a right under most national Constitutions, however it’s Gospel here at the Pirate Church.

In order to receive a Religious Exemption for any reason, you’ll need to do the following;

  1. You must be a member of the Pirate Church (avg. cost is $49 a year USD – we take ARRR (https://pirate.black))
  2. Once you are member, please inform us of your decision to seek an exemption
  3. We will help you research your state laws to make sure it’s begun properly
  4. You must attest to and believe in our Code, one of our pastors will test you on your knowledge of it  (LINK)
  5. You need to fill out a general affidavit based on the state in which you live, fill it out (we’ll help) and have it notarized  (LINK) (EXAMPLE)
  6. Once notarized, keep the physical copy, scan a real copy and email us at info @ thepiratechurch.org

At that point, we’ll review the documents, print out our own documents and have them notarized.  We’ll send it back to you USPS Certified Mail.  Keep all original copies, make copies and give those to who ever it is that desires to see your papers.   Also, who ever makes that request may call or contact us to confirm; at that point, you are one of us and The Pirate Church will have your back.

We aren’t selling indulgences here …  don’t be that guy

Don't be that guyYears ago, the Catholic Church thought it would be a great idea to charge everyone with sins, threaten to excommunicate them (fire them from society & their church) and then offer a pay to play way for people to get their sins forgiven, this is called ‘selling indulgences’.  Back in the day, it was a big scandal and was used by the Free Masons, Rosicrucian and others to help bolster the Protestant Reformation.

But the buck didn’t stop there … 

Recently, several churches have made the mistake of beginning to ‘sell’ exemptions, this isn’t what we do at the Pirate Church.  We only provide private members with private membership services, in this case, this is a religious service for our members.   Selling exemptions is just going to be you, them and everyone involved in the proverbial rear.  As recently as this past year, a Catholic priest was caught selling indulgences.  If for any reason your institution of suppression finds out that you ‘bought’ your ‘exemption’, you could be fired, the State sanctioned church can lose it’s 501(c) 3 status and it could cause big problems for everyone involved.

Don’t do it.  If you are going to get an exemption do it right.  Don’t get it from some place that you truly don’t believe in – that’s just not being truthful.  Also, unlike 501(c) 3 state sanctioned churches, we do not have to disclose when you became a member.  Now that’s privacy and privacy is our religion.